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Licensing Information

All our software follow the same, simple licensing model:

- Each single purchase of a given software product allows you to install and activate the software on one (1) computer.  If you purchase 5 licenses, you may install and activate the software on 5 computers.

- Our software is protected in that it must be unlocked using an Activation Code unique to your installation of the software.  You can unlock (activate) the sofware through this web site, via email, or phone.

- If you have downloaded a product and have not activated it, you may not use it for more than 90 days.  Using it beyond 90 days is a violation of our license.  To discourage such use, evaluation mode generally has limited functionality compared with the full product.

- Although we track the number of times each license is activated to prevent software piracy, we understand that computers fail and our customers upgrade hardware periodically.  Simply contact us via email if you need assistance reactivating your software.

- You may maintain multiple copies of the installation media (for future installation) as you wish.  We recommend you check the latest version from our site before installing an older copy.

- You may take advantage of minor version upgrades free of charge simply by downloading the new version.

- Major version upgrades are not free, but can be purchased at a discounted price if you owned a previous version.

- Major upgrades will have a different product code than a previous version, whereas minor upgrades will have the same product code.