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Virtual Bingo requires one of the following operating systems:

Virtual Bingo is not supported on, but may run on other Windows operating systems that are compatible with the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1.  You are welcome to download and try an evaluation copy of the software to check compatibility.

Virtual Bingo installs the Windows .NET Framework 1.1 if it is not already installed.  The only system requirement besides operating system version is that your system meets the minimum requirements of .NET Framework 1.1.    Please visit Microsoft's web site for more details.

Our drawing software has numerous benefits over using traditional drawing equipment including:

Virtual Bingo and Random Number Generator is a Windows-based application that simulates the traditional bingo and number drawing equipment.

Using the software, you can run your bingo games and number drawings on a large projector or big-screen TV for many to enjoy.

The software animates "virtual" balls bouncing around the screen during the drawing.  At the end of a predetermined elapsed time, the winning ball is displayed.

During a bingo drawing, the caller board, located at the top of the screen, is updated automatically to indicate which numbers have already been drawn.  Dark grey numbers "not lit" indicate these numbers have not yet been drawn.  Bright white numbers indicate numbers that have been drawn.  The current winning number is shown in attention-getting yellow making it easier for the player to find.